a great change has happened and it will all be better soon for more details you'll see below 

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i hope to get to this more often but well you might know it's just a hobby so don't expect to much . always remember you got to give a little to get a little so if you have any ideas tell me. and what ever else don't ask about the future you came to the wrong site for that.:)


hello uh yes if you have been here before you know I'm in the army  right now I'm at camp Casey in south korea. jackhedges@hotmail.com

basic training pic

basically for those that have been here before you will have noticed that i moved some of pages to here. i will organize when i feel like it.


well lots of things are not for certain around here but there is a lot of training going on most of it normal army stuff. i might not tell to much on these pages  but you never know. 

well as some you out their might know I'm currently at camp Casey in korea a part of 2 id (side note these places might update their sites as often as i need seems like when the need arises ) the unit that I'm in is one that supports another unit

I became a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints in the year 2000 . some people might not know what that means perhaps you have heard the word mormon that refers to another testiment of jesus Christ in which prophets over the course of a thousand years wrote down their stories and some wrote down their family history  but one of the prophets was named mormon and if you will talk to the missionaries .


grange it is a farming organization that has a long history in the united states. will add some links soon just hang tight for those in the know the grange is what i grew up with if you try .com you get the wrong place grange is a farming organization so go www.grange.org



www.kalama.com (my server)        



for msn messenger to add me to your list is just like my e-mail address .jackhedges@hotmail.com   or  searching by jack hedges uh i just did that and saw that there were others out by my name sacrilege i tell you so I'm in Colorado 

this is going to be history

birth day aug 3 19??  was the day it all started long long ago many cities away :) like if any one really cares to find some info you could always take a look at the isp and see what info they have. 


Saturday, August 4, 2007